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Speakers Bureau

Need someone to talk about:


  • What is a client protection fund and what does it do?

  • Payee Notification?

  • Overdraft Notification?

  • The benefits of community education about your Fund?

  • What constitutes a high-performing client protection fund?


Let us know. We would be happy to speak to your Fund’s trustees, Bar Association, Court, or law schools.


How can you arrange for a speaker? Just get in touch directly with the speaker of your choice.


Not sure if you can afford it? No problem! There are no speaker’s fees and NCPO will underwrite all travel expenses for its speakers.

It doesn’t cost you a thing!

Michael E. Harmon

Michael E. Harmon is the Deputy Director at the Arkansas Supreme Court, Office of Professional Conduct. Active with the Arkansas Client Security Fund Committee since 1988, Michael is the Midwest Regional Vice Presi­dent of NCPO, and has also served on the ABA’s Standing Committee on Client Protection. Mr. Harmon chaired the sub-committee of the ABA that drafted the Model Rules for Client Trust Account Records that was eventually adopted by the ABA in 2010.     (501) 376-0313


Daniel R. Hendi

Daniel R. Hendi is the Director of the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection. He has litigated cases in State and Federal courts to preserve assets and recover money paid to victims. Dan is a regular presenter at NCPO and ABA meetings on Fund administration, litigation and subrogation issues. Dan is a director-at-large with NCPO, a past member of the ABA Standing Committee on Client Protection Funds, and a member of the NJ Supreme Court’s Professional Responsibility Rules Committee. Dan is fluent in Spanish.   (609) 815-2957


Michael J. Knight, Sr.

Michael J. Knight is Executive Director and Counsel for the Lawyers'

Fund For Client Protection of the State of New York. Mr. Knight is a

1987 magna cum laude graduate of Niagara University and 1990 graduate from the Albany Law School of Union University. Mr. Knight had previously served as Counsel and Past President for the National Client Protection Organization, Inc. and is the co-author of the Appendix of CLE Materials (1999), and Client Protection Funds: A Bibliography of Selected Materials (1995, 1999, 2012, 2017). (800) 442-3863

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Janet Green Marbley

Janet Green Marbley has been the Administrator of the Client Security Fund of the Supreme Court of Ohio since 1995. Janet is a former president of NCPO, and con­tinues to serve that organization as a Director at Large. She is a former chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Client Protection and is a former chair of the ABA Advisory Com­mission on Client Protection. Janet is a member of the ABA House of Delegates. She is a frequent speaker at ABA forums and NCPO workshops. Janet serves on the Advisory Board of the Miller-Becker Institute for Professional Responsibility at the University of Akron School of Law.     (614) 387-9390


Karen D. O'Toole

Karen D. O'Toole is the retired executive director and general counsel of the Massachusetts Clients' Security Board. Karen is a tireless advocate for client protection and lead the effort to have the Payee Notification Rule adopted in Massa­chusetts. A believer in community education, Karen has also made public information a priority. Karen is the former Northeast Regional Vice President for NCPO and has served on the ABA Advisory Commission on Client Security Funds.      Phone: (617) 728-8718


Michael T. McCormick

Michael T. McCormick first joined the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection in May 1990 and currently serves as its Director. He has served as counsel in hundreds of claims and is committed to the Fund’s role as “The Conscience of the Bar.”  As NCPO’s president-elect and newsletter editor, Mike welcomes the opportunity to speak to your group about the great work being done by client protection funds across the country. He is a regular presenter at ABA forums, specializing in sessions on “difficult claims” which discuss the most challenging fact patterns and scenarios confronting client protection funds and how to address the needs of claimant victims.  Phone: (609) 815-3030, ext. 52215

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