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Funds exist because lawyers are honest by an overwhelming majority. It is simply unacceptable to honest lawyers that there be no remedy for clients who suffer solely for having given a lawyer their trust, especially since the system of justice depends upon such clients’ trust and candor.



The Hecht Award honors the memory of Maryland Attorney Isaac Hecht, his lifetime of vigorous advocacy in support of law client protection programs throughout North America, and his professional service to the legal profession. Mr. Hecht was one of NCPO’s co-founders and practiced law in Maryland for 64 years before his death in 2003 at the age of 89. Mr. Hecht served as Treasurer of Maryland’s Fund since its creation in 1967. He was committed to the belief that the trust of law clients is the essential linchpin in every lawyer-client relationship, and that the reimbursement of innocent victims of lawyer dishonesty represents the legal profession at its best. Mr. Hecht was especially focused on the financial foundations of client protection funds, the initiatives of fund leaders, and their receptivity to techniques to deter and detect dishonest conduct in the practice of law.


The Hecht Award recognizes individuals and professional organizations that have demonstrated “excellence in the field of law client protection.” “Excellence” includes significant achievements in promoting public confidence in the integrity of the legal profession; the substantial reimbursement of law clients for eligible losses caused by a lawyer’s dishonest conduct; the development of programs to prevent or detect professional misconduct in the practice of law; and meaningful public information programs for attorneys and legal consumers.


NCPO’s Board of Directors works with a Nominating Committee which seeks direct nominations from individuals and professional organizations throughout the United States and Canada.


The deadline for submitting nominations is July 14, 2024.

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