2018 - Jim E. Coyle


Jim Coyle is Attorney Regulation Counsel for the Colorado Supreme Court, overseeing attorney admissions, attorney registration, mandatory continuing legal and judicial education, attorney discipline and diversion, regulation of the unauthorized practice of law, and in-ventory counsel matters. Mr. Coyle has been a trial attorney with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel or successor Office of Attorney Regu-lation Counsel since 1990. Prior to that, he was in private practice. He served on the National Organization of Bar Counsel (NOBC) board of directors from 2014 – 2016. Mr. Coyle was on the Advisory Committee to the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and is now a member of the Commission for the 2017 – 2018 term.
Mr. Coyle co-chaired the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, which released its report, The Path to Lawyer Well-Being, Practical Recommendations for Positive Change, in 2017. Both the American Bar Association and the Conference of Chief Jus-tices have passed resolutions encouraging review and consideration of this report’s 44 recommendations for improving lawyer well-being.
Mr. Coyle has been actively involved with the National Client Protection Organization (NCPO), the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), and the International Conference of Legal Regulators (ICLR). He acted as co-chair and organizer of the First ABA Standing Committee on Client Protection UPL School in Denver in August 2013, and he was a member of the planning team for the second and third UPL schools held in 2015 and 2017. Mr. Coyle served as a member of the Colorado Chief Justice Commission on Professional Development and its mid-career working group, the Colorado Bar Association/Denver Bar Association Professionalism Coordinating Council and its subcommittee on a professionalism rule, the Supreme Court Standing Committee on the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, and the University of Colorado Law Alumni Board’s Diversity Committee.

2017 - Eric A. Seiff

New York

2016 - Michael Harmon


Michael Harmon has been instrumental in improving the Arkansas Fund, recently securing an ABA Consultation for the Arkansas Client Security program. Supporters noted that “There was a time when the Arkansas Fund was depleted (and) under Michael’s leadership, the Arkansas Client Security Fund increased its overall fund balance to an amount over one million dollars….Through his hard work, Michael has promoted the excellence of the Arkansas Committee and has ensured that it will remain a viable and crucial component of the Arkansas legal community.”

2015 - Kris Wenzel


Kris Wenzel, liaison to the Wisconsin Client Security Fund since 1991 where she has engineered a number of structural corrections to Wisconsin’s court rules and Fund policies, permitting the Wisconsin Fund to increase its award cap three times. Kris tackled the problem of under-funding by petitioning the Wisconsin Supreme Court to eliminate a “sufficiency level” budget limitation on the Fund and by setting a permanent lawyer assessment.  Kris has also overseen the adoption of more client friendly fund policies and created a culture in and among her Trustees which encourages their attendance, participation and education at both ABA and NCPO forums and workshops. Perhaps most significantly, she has nurtured a mindset in which the Wisconsin Fund now seeks ways to assist clients rather than reasons to deny claims. When presented with the award, Kris noted, “The Fund is the reason I come to work every day

2014 - Alabama State Bar Client Security Fund Committee


The Alabama State Bar Client Security Fund Committee was honored with the 2014 Isaac Hecht Law Client Protection Award to recognize the success of a task force it created to study ways to improve their Fund. Because of the task force, significant changes were made to Fund rules for the first time in 30 years.

2013 - Karen O’Toole


2012 - Janet Green Marbley


2011 - Charles Goldberg


2010 - Richard C. Bosson and Charles J. Vigil

New Mexico

2009 - The Connecticut Bar Association


2008 - Thomas J. Moyer


Chief Justice Moyer was the 2008 recipient of NCPO’s Isaac Hecht Award for Excellence in Client Protection for his unwavering support of adequate funding, loss prevention, and increased maximums for Fund awards.

2007 - Kenneth J. Bossong

New Jersey

2006 - William Ricker


2005 - Frederick Miller

New York

2004 - Frank X. Neuner, Jr.


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